Who are EFCIS?

The Export Hub is the brainchild of Andy Moylan, the founder of EFCIS Trade Credit Insurance Brokers. Andy saw a gap in the market to create an online platform for businesses to access for advice, tips and support with their exporting plans or, their exporting reality.

In his day job as the MD of EFCIS,  Andy works with his team offering Trade Credit Insurance plus a unique set of tools that have been created for businesses to ensure their Trade Credit Insurance policy is not simply fit for purpose, it is legally watertight and compliant.

EFCIS is the sole UK member of the International Credit Brokers Alliance (ICBA). EFCIS clients considering exporting have access to relevant and up to date facts, figures and market research on the country they’re considering exporting to, in hours not days – because of our membership of the ICBA.

One of Andy’s quotes which he candidly shared when we were planning this page seemed so appropriate we decided to include it verbatim:

“The specialist Trade Credit Insurance Broker has a duty to ensure a client’s policy is fit for purpose and, that it aligns with the goals of the business especially those centred on growth. A properly managed Trade Credit Insurance policy must provide a platform for growth in the UK and overseas with access to increased working capital. It shouldn’t be a document that’s filed away every year and revisited a few months before renewal. Trade Credit Insurance is not a box ticking exercise.”

Between them the EFCIS team have 180+ years experience in Trade Credit Insurance.

These three statements best summarise our approach to Trade Credit Insurance and crucially how our approach benefits our clients.

We regard Trade Credit Insurance as an enabler for business growth. This is crucial if you’re looking for Trade Credit Insurance to assist in new product development and to facilitate entry into new markets with new or existing products.

As skilled and tenacious negotiators, we secure hard to increase credit limits; we identify when credit limits need increasing and the likelihood of obtaining cover. We also monitor negative or positive movement in the individual risk rating before approaching Underwriters for cover.

A well-managed policy will deliver a measurable return that justifies the premium paid. But, it’s the responsibility of a specialist Trade Credit Broker to work in partnership with their clients, helping each one realise the many business benefits of Trade Credit Insurance. We eschew the default position whereby Trade Credit Insurance is sold on fear. It is growth and protection all the way for us!

If you’re considering trade credit insurance or would like to compare what EFCIS can offer with your current Broker please contact us.

You can email us at helpme@theexporthub.com or call us on +44 (0)1279 437 662 or fill out the contact form.

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