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From PSI to PCA the changing face of compliance in export

As the need for compliance in international trade has grown there have been a multitude of changes in the way that the compliance of exported goods is verified.

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Compliance – the afterthought of many export processes and how it will become more important in a post-Brexit environment

Compliance is often the most overlooked part of an export process for sending goods to non-EU countries.  Often it is only considered when a forwarder or logistics provider advises the exporter that the goods may require a pre-shipment inspection and certificate of conformity (COC) to be issued before they can be exported or when the importer advises them that they need a COC to clear the goods on arrival…

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UK / EU – Optimising Trade in Changing Times

International business necessitates additional work. While this is inescapable, it can be mitigated by using the appropriate tools. With the UK set to change its relationship with the EU, there has never been a better time to review current practices, make efficiencies and adopt technology to reduce repetitive data entry and reduce the opportunity for human error, which can lead to costly delays, and reduce confidence of suppliers and customers…..

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