Exporting? Let those buyers and distributors overseas know you’re an expert they can trust

Inside many business people sits an expert. For some people their expertise is quite narrow – they have extensive knowledge of a particular piece of legislation, for example. For others, their expertise may be broader – they know huge amounts about a particular product or service, or even sector.

Expertise is not limited by profession or dependent upon academic qualifications. Although some experts are recognised for their technical skills gained through study and research, others are respected for their knowledge attained through experience and practice. One individual can be an expert on direct mail another, an expert on bedbugs, another in a coolant repair product for the automotive market.

But there are some things that unite the genuine experts, those people that we look to for sound and helpful advice, for profound insights, for clarity and guidance. People where their expertise can travel overseas.
A genuine expert has a deep-seated ambition to share their expertise.Whether they are being paid to do so, are giving their advice for free or using it to promote the integrity of their product, they nurture a strong desire to help.

A genuine expert is not content to settle for the knowledge, skills and expertise that they have attained and has led to their acknowledged expert status. They are hungry to learn more and to share this new knowledge once they have made sense of it.

The genuine experts are the ones that command attention. They are invited to speak at seminars and exhibitions; their opinions are sought by journalists and bloggers. When times are tough, their expert status prevents them from feeling the pinch of recession as much as their competitors. And in the good times they are usually turning work away. When they venture overseas they can quickly establish themselves as a credible expert which in turn opens new doors to them. Doors that would otherwise have remained closed were they just selling another product in a crowded market place.

One fear that holds many of us back from allowing ourselves to be considered an expert is that there will be somebody that knows more than we do.  How can we proclaim ourselves an expert in that situation? Also there is a tendency to downgrade our knowledge, defining it as mere common sense.

Well think again. There is plenty of room on this planet for more than one expert. In fact there are usually several experts within the same field, each one holding a position of respect and authority. And as for common sense – your knowledge may be common sense to you but it’s unlikely to be common sense to others, just waiting to tap into your knowledge and benefit from what you have to share.

If you are exporting you will need to convey to overseas buyers, distributors and customers that you are an expert; that what you are supplying, making, selling and endorsing has a positive storyline backing it up; one that encompasses quality, your passion, your expertise, your experience and a back catalogue of achievements, testing and reviews linked to your products. When telling your true story your expertise must shine through if you want to stand out in a crowded sector, especially one where your physical presence is limited but you have bold plans for expansion. Be the character people can get to know and trust; the person strongly associated with all the positive assets of your product. When the two are linked together your chances of making significant inroads into a market you’re contemplating about will massively increase.

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