Dee Blick

Dee is a Chartered Marketer, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a No.1 international bestselling author of 4 marketing books for SMEs.

Roll up roll up!

So, you have a product you’re confident there’s a demand for overseas.

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Exporting? Let those buyers and distributors overseas know you’re an expert they can trust

Inside many business people sits an expert. For some people their expertise is quite narrow – they have extensive knowledge of a particular piece of legislation, for example. For others, their expertise may be broader – they know huge amounts about a particular product or service, or even sector.


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A whistle-stop tour of 9 marketing tips – country to country

Repeating your marketing without question from one country to another – can be a waste of time with negligible results. You must become aware of the differences in each country; how people react to marketing messages; how they talk about your products and what influences their purchase – so that your marketing is intuitive and emotionally intelligent. Assuming we are the same the world over is wrong…

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You’re exporting but who are you selling to?

What I’ve learnt from working with companies that are either exporting

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Make your packaging and product descriptions sizzle!

It’s easy to think that great package design is enough to sell your product both here and overseas.

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