Marketing now crucial for SMEs says #1 Bestselling Business Author

With the pandemic under control in many countries and restrictions on businesses easing, now is the time for SMEs to become marketing savvy- whether they are continuing to operate in their local area only or looking to expand and export.

“A shortfall in sales, laid squarely and often fairly at the door of the pandemic, cannot be made up in the blink of an eye when a business returns to pick up the pieces”, Says Dee Blick FCIM, an international bestselling author and regular contributor to the Export Hub.

“If a business was slow to embrace marketing before, now they must. If they were marketing aficionados before now is the time to switch up. Marketing has never been more important to accelerate brand recognition and build loyalty. Customers must reconnect and for this to happen it will take more than a hastily assembled flyer or a raft of impersonal emails. Businesses aiming to move beyond survival mode are recognising that every prospect and customer touch point from adverts and blog posts to website, e-blasts and their offers must be authentic, compelling, and relevant. And their messages must reflect any changes in their customers’ buying habits and behaviours not to mention any changes they’ve had to make because of the pandemic not to mention Brexit. Messages must be well thought out and carefully managed. For this to happen marketing must take centre stage and its importance recognised from the top down.”


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