British Franchise Association and NatWest Report on International Dimension of Franchising

According to their latest report (2018 Franchise Landscape BFA and NatWest) “One in three UK franchisors also have international operations. A third of franchisors award the master licences or control  the franchising of units outside the UK in addition to their  UK operations.

The regional distribution of international franchise export shows 22% operate in Europe (including Republic of Ireland) 4% operate in the US and 15% operate in other locations worldwide. The majority grant a master licence or licences to international franchisees, although a number also use alternative methods to allow operations abroad.

60% have issued a master licence in one or more markets

23% have direct operations from the UK in one or more markets

7%    have opened an office abroad

8%    have joint ventures  in one or more markets

Of those who do not currently operate internationally, 4% have adefinite business ‘plan to’ option.

For those looking to expand internationally, most have ambitions in Europe (including Republic of Ireland), or English-speaking countries: USA/Canada/Australia/New Zealand).

Look out for The Export Hub’s exclusive interview with BFA CEO Pip Wilkins next month…

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